Tilt Props

Shore Hire tilt props are a versatile and economic propping system for bracing and aligning concrete elements such as prefabricated walls, as well as other general shoring applications.


As tilt up slab construction techniques have resulted in increased panel sizes and the need for greater load bearing, builders have sought simpler and more effective shoring solutions to increase efficiency onsite.


Shore Hire’s tilt props (also known as push pull props) cater for a large range of lengths and capacities. Tilt props have a large adjustable range with fine adjustment possible with the ACME thread, which helps ensure little play. The high strength to weight ratio means the props are easily manoeuvred and installed onsite.


Shore Hire is a one-stop shop for specialist propping and shoring systems, with custom advice and onsite consultations available from our experienced team.


Our tilt props have been used for construction projects including Taren Point

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Tilt props are suited for a range of precast concrete and tilt up construction methods, including:



For further information or a custom tilt prop solution, contact Shore Hire today. 

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  • Range in length from 1.0m through to 10.1m extended, with five sizes available
  • The swivel-end accommodates any slope or angle of installation
  • Both sections of the props are permanently tagged with model and working loads
  • Knee brace available for additional support as
    shown above
  • Tested in accordance with AS3850-2003


We recommend a two-prop minimum per panel for stability and load transfer.

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The Tilt Props can be delivered standalone or as as part of our comprehensive full-service solution. This includes:

  • Free on-site assessment
  • Engineering design
  • Delivery
  • Installation by our professional rigging team


Availability: Same Day


Description Length Closed (WLL) Middle (WLL) Full (WLL) Weight
Trench Mini A 1.0m – 1.6m 1.0m – 35kN 1.3m – 32kN 1.6m – 30kN 20kg
Trench Mini B 1.2m – 1.8m 1.2m – 35kN 1.5m – 32kN 1.8m – 30kN 22kg
Mini 2.6m – 4.4m 2.6m – 35kN 3.5m – 32kN 4.4m – 30kN 38kg
Standard 4.4m – 6.7m 4.4m – 40kN 5.5m – 23kN 6.7m – 14kN 53kg
Jumbo 6.4m – 10.1m 6.4m – 25kN 8.0m – 24kN 10.1m – 6kN 76kg