Aluminium Vertical shores


Vertical shores are the quickest, sim

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  V1050-900 V1050-1400 V1500-900 V1500-1400 V2100-900 V2100-1400
Length of Rail 1070mm 1070mm 1500mm 3m or 4m 3m or 4m 3m or 4m
Width of Rail 204mm 204mm 204mm 204mm 204mm 204mm
Number of Cylinders 2 2 2 2 2 2
Min Trench Width 560mm 860mm 560mm 860mm 560mm 860mm
Max Trench Width 1740mm 2760mm 1740mm 2760mm 1740mm 2760mm
Stroke (Approx.) 345mm 535mm 345mm 535mm 345mm 535mm
Min Depth 1060mm 1060mm 1480mm 1480mm 1935mm 1935mm
Max Depth 2435mm 2435mm 2460mm 2460mm 3015mm 3015mm
Weight- with Standard Extensions 23kg 28kg 28kg 32kg 32kg 37kg
Max Hydraulic Pressure 1500psi 1500psi 1500psi 1500psi 1500psi 1500psi


Note: For shoring in cohesive soils only. Extra extension spacers are required for additional width trenches. Maximum spacing of 1200mm between vertishores.