Hydraulic Bracing Systems for Shoring Applications

Shore Hire’s engineered hydraulic brace systems provide a highly robust yet simple solution for large excavations in uniform rectangular shapes.


Hydraulic bracing systems return decreased time and material costs during both installation and removal. They are fast to assemble onsite, consisting of lightweight, aluminum sidewalls, coupled with heavy-duty hydraulic struts.


Shore Hire’s Series 200 hydraulic bracing system is a strong, durable and modular system particularly suited to larger excavations. It can be configured to satisfy multi-sided excavations in conjunction with trench sheets for perimeter support and combines both hydraulic and mechanical adjustments into each telescopic leg assembly to deliver a robust, yet simple solution.


The Series 200 Brace System uses water based hydraulic fluid, which incorporates lubricants to keep seals and O-rings in good working order. The system can be activated either by a double acting manual hand pump or a motorised double acting pump. A combination of the fixed and mechanical extensions are used in conjunction with the hydraulic ram unit to achieve positive pressure for large four-sided excavations.


Because of their light weight and simple assembly, Shore Hire’s hydraulic bracing system can be handled easily by rubber-tired backhoes. 

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Owing to their flexibility, hydraulic bracing systems can be used for a huge variety of trench shoring applications including large tank installations, interceptor chambers, pump stations, storm water pits, gross pollutant traps, bore pits and lift wells.


Shore Hire’s Series 200 Hydraulic Bracing System is designed to be used with steel trench sheets to brace various sized trenches. 

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  • Engineered Hydraulic Brace System design available by Shore Hire Engineering
  • Hydraulic lock off valves for maximum control and safety
  • Double acting hydraulics can be pumped both in and out for improved operation and simplicity
  • Single composite legs featuring simple corner pin connection for speed and ease of assembly, installation and extraction
  • Various sizes can be combined to meet a range of excavation applications
  • Cross brace and corner brace available

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The Hydraulic Bracing Systems can be delivered standalone or as as part of our comprehensive full-service solution. This includes:

  • Free on-site assessment
  • Engineering design
  • Delivery

For safety products available for use with the Hydraulic Bracing Systems, click here


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# Description Length(mm) Section (mm) Weight (kg)
1 500mm Extension 500 220 x 200 138
2 1000mm Extension 1000 220 x 200 179
3 2000mm Extension 2000 220 x 200 277
4 Mechanical Extension 1900 to 2900 240 x 215 285
5 Hydraulic Ram Unit 2000 to 3200 240 x 215 420



Description Weight
Double Acting Hand Pump 18.6kg
Petrol Driven Pump 96kg