Manhole Boxes - 3M Trench Box for Hire

Shore Hire’s 3M manhole boxes extend the capability of our trench box range with additional features to accommodate adjoining service trenches. The manhole box allows for wider trench support specifically at the manhole site without widening the entire trench.


Panel gaps are provided on two faces to accommodate trench runs into the manhole box, with trench sheets able to be added to close off ends.


Transport to site can be in knocked-down form with assembly possible in only a short time to suit the customer’s needs, either in a pre-existing trench or, in loose and sandy soils, via a progressive dig and push method. This allows rapid construction of manholes, chambers and interceptors, with the all-steel construction providing a robust trench shield.


A full range of working at height safety equipment is available as the perfect complement to all Shore Hire boxes and trench sheet systems, to ensure the utmost safety at all times.


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Manhole boxes enable wider trench support at the manhole site while accommodating adjoining service trenches. Panel gaps on either end can be easily shored using trench sheets. They allow rapid construction and installation of precast concrete manholes, interceptors, small chambers or tanks.


The Shore 3M Manhole Box is designed to safely and effectively support trenches up to any depth, provided that the working load limit of 50kPa is not exceeded.

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  • Trench sheets or steel plates can be used to close off ends
  • Base panels have a cutting edge to improve installation
  • Top extension units can be connected to increase trench depth
  • Able to add top extensions using pinned connectors
  • Enables rapid construction of manholes, chambers and interceptors
  • Foam filled
  • Knife edge
  • All steel construction
  • Certified to Australian Standard AS 4744.1-2000
    Steel shoring and trench lining - Design

Availability: Same Day

The Shore 3M Manhole Box can be delivered standalone or as as part of our comprehensive full-service solution. This includes:

  • Free on-site assessment
  • Engineering design
  • Delivery

For safety products available for use with the Shore 3M Manhole Box, click here


Availability: Same Day


Specification Base Top
Length 3000mm 3000mm
Height 2500mm 1500mm
Minimum Width Internal 1800mm 1800mm
Maximum Width Internal 4000mm 4000mm
Clearance Between Struts 2750mm 2750mm
Clearance Beneath Bottom Strut 1500mm N/A
Weight with 1000mm Struts 2472kg 1762kg
Panel Weight 1188kg 803kg
Panel Thickness 75mm 75mm
Working Load Limit 50kPa 50kPa
Strut Weight Per Metre 22kg 22kg