Scaffold Tube and Accessories

From small-scale applications through to the most complex building profiles and spaces, Shore Hire supplies an extensive range of scaffold tube and accessories.


Our combination of tube lengths and bracing accessories will ensure you can adapt a tube scaffolding system to almost any application and easily accommodate extensions and changing requirements as your project progresses. Our customers benefit from accelerated assembly, certainty of supply and receiving onsite technical advice from our in-house engineering department.


Shore Hire’s high quality specification ensures our scaffold tube and accessories are durable and fit for all purposes. We also provide a wide range of accessories and light and heavy-duty components, with galvanised fittings suited to a variety of industries. Shore Hire can ensure consistency of supply of both tube and bracing accessories. 

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Scaffold tube and accessories are a modular and economical steel system used to provide temporary support for people and building materials during construction, repair and renovation.


Shore Hire’s scaffolding and accessories allow fast formation of a variety of structures. 

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  • A range of steel tube lengths available with a standard outside diameter of 50mm
  • A large range of standard accessories


We also meet a range of special industry requirements and if you would like to discuss your project scaffolding needs, please contact us. 

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The Scaffold Tube and Acessories can be delivered standalone or as as part of our comprehensive full-service solution. This includes:

  • Free on-site assessment
  • Engineering design
  • Delivery
  • Installation by our professional rigging team


Availability: Same Day

Scaffold Tube Specifications

Length Outside Dimensions Weight
1m 50mm 4.3kg
4.3kg 50mm 8.6kg
3m 50mm 12.9kg
4m 50mm 17.2kg
5m 50mm 21.5kg
6m 50mm 25.8kg