Hardwood timber sleepers are a flexible and vital propping component. Sleepers are used in a variety of underpinning applications and structural shoring systems and used in conjunction with acrow props, aluminium tilt props, multi-props, needle-beams and scaffolding.


Timber sleepers provide stability on loose or uneven surfaces, surface protection, load spreading and can be used in different formations such as grid patterns to form base pads or sole plates to support and spread the load on various surfaces. Sleeper timber is subjected to high stress loads and in ground contact and so must exhibit strength and durability.


Shore Hire can ensure supply of various sizes of hardwood sleepers no matter your project size.


Our timber sleepers have been used in a range of construction projects including Ultimo, Lilli Pilli, Double Bay, Vaucluse and St Leonards

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Timber sleepers can be used in a range of propping and shoring applications including:


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  • Quality hardwood sleepers in full (2400mm), half (1200mm) and quarter (600mm) lengths
  • Cross section of 200mmx100mm
  • At full length approximate weight is 40kg


Our product range is backed by our in-house engineer who can assist with technical enquiries and ensure your next project is underpinned appropriately. 

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The Sleepers can be delivered standalone or as as part of our comprehensive full-service solution. This includes:

  • Free on-site assessment
  • Engineering design
  • Delivery
  • Installation by our professional rigging team


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Sleepers Specifications

Description Dimensions Approx. Weight
Full 2400 x 200 x 100mm1.0m - 1.6m 40kg1.0m - 35kN
Half 1200 x 200 x 100mm 20kg
Quarter 600 x 200 x 100mm 10kg