Trench Sheeting

Shore Hire’s overlapping steel trench sheets are a highly useful component in a variety of shoring and excavation systems. Our trench sheets have been designed for quick and easy installation and extraction and we can supply profiles and lengths to suit any application, including engineered trench sheet solutions. Our sheets are fully compatible with the full range of Shore Hire shoring systems such as trench boxes and hydraulic bracing systems.


Shore Hire’s SHS-330 trench sheet (3.5mm steel) is a light duty sheet that can easily be handled and installed, while the SHS-400 (6mm steel) is ideally used for larger excavations and in longer lengths, enabling the use of fewer frames and providing a clearer work area.


A full range of handling and driving accessories are available including drive caps, quick release shackles and trench sheet extractors. 

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Trench sheets are used to make continuous overlapping walls during excavation and are used in conjunction with a variety of trench shoring systems including timber walers, aluminium walers and hydraulic bracing systems.


Trench sheets are also used as end shoring in 3m trench boxes, 4m trench boxes and 6m trench boxes

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  • A full range of handling and driving accessories including driving caps, lifting chains, quick release shackles, sheet extractors, edge protection and working at heights safety equipment
  • Engineered trench sheet solutions available
  • Two profiles available: SHS-330 trench sheet (3.5mm steel) and SHS-400 (6mm steel)
  • Rolled from high-yield steel for greater strength and durability
  • Half clutch at one end for easy sheet guidance
    when installing
  • Various lengths in stock to suit most applications

Availability: Same Day

The Trench Sheeting can be delivered standalone or as as part of our comprehensive full-service solution. This includes:

  • Free on-site assessment
  • Engineering design
  • Delivery

For safety products available for use with the Trench Sheeting, click here


Availability: Same Day


Specification SHS-330 SHS-400
Steel Thickness 3.5mm 6mm
Weight Per Linear Metre 11.3kg 22.1kg
Weight Per Square Metre 34.4kg 55.3kg
Section Modulus/Sheet 16cm3 41.5cm3
Section Modulus/Metre 45.7cm3 98.8cm3
Bending Moment/Linear Metre 7.3kNm 19kNm
Moment of Inertia/Sheet 29.7cm4 105cm4
Moment of Inertia/Metre 84.8cm4 250cm4
Standard Lengths 3, 4 & 5m 3, 4 & 5m
Sheet Width 350mm 420mm
Coverage 330mm 400mm
Depth of Section 35mm 50mm



Specification Weight
Sheet Extractor 14.6kg
Driving Cap 15.9kg