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Sheet Piles


Sheet PileGU 13NGU 16N
Length8m6m, 9m
Sheet Height230mm215mm
Height When Clutched418mm430mm
Weight Per Linear Metre59.9kg/m72.6kg/m
Weight Per Square Metre99.8kg/m2121.0kg/m2
Moment Of Inertia26590cm4/m35950cm4/m
Elastic Section Modulus1270cm3/m1670cm3/m
Plastic Section Modulus1535cm3/m1988cm3/m
Material GradeS390 GPs390GP

Sheet Piles

Description 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18

Shore Hire stock a range of Sheet Piles used for temporary shoring applications.

Shore Hire’s sheet piles are a highly useful component in a variety of shoring and excavation systems. Our sheet piles have been designed for quick and easy installation and extraction, and we can supply profiles and lengths to suit any application, including engineered sheet pile solutions.

Our sheet piles are fully compatible with the full range of Shore Hire shoring systems, such as our trench boxes and hydraulic bracing systems. Shore Hire are constantly expanding our range of lengths and profiles, so get in touch today to see what we can offer.

A full range of handling and driving accessories are available, including Excavator mounted vibrators, drive caps, quick-release shackles and trench sheet extractors for full peace of mind and a quick and easy install process, saving you time and money on your next project.

Features 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18
  • Various sizes can be combined to meet a range of excavation applications
  • A full range of handling and driving accessories, including Excavator Mounted Vibrators and hitches, driving caps, lifting chains, quick-release shackles and sheet extractors are available for the quickest and easiest installation and removal process possible for sheet piles
  • Works in with our range of edge protection accessories to give you full peace of mind around safety
  • Engineered sheet pile and bracing solutions are available on request for even the most unique projects
  • Multiple profiles and lengths available to suit any project
  • Technical product experts at your service to step you through the process on site
  • Build drawings available to give you an easy-to-follow setup process when used with our bracing systems
  • Manufactured & Certified AS 4744.1-2000 so you know that every safety checkbox is ticked when you use our products
Suited For 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18

Sheet Piles are used to make continuous overlapping walls within excavations and are used in conjunction with a variety of trench shoring systems, including timber walers, aluminium walers and hydraulic bracing systems. Sheet Piles are also used as end shoring in trench box applications.

The most typical use cases are for trench shoring applications, including large tank installations, interceptor chambers, pump stations, stormwater pits, gross pollutant traps, bore pits, lift wells and more.

Should you require advice, we always recommend you speak to our technical sales team before any hire.

Technical Specs 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18

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