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Arch Spreaders

Arch Spreaders

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Shore Hire’s arch spreaders are high-clearance struts designed to be used in our robust Steel and Aluminium shoring range

The heavy-duty struts provide 2.5m of under strut clearance and are ideal for applications such as the laying of large diameter pipes & the installation of tunnel bore machines.

Assembly onsite is quick and easy, with a range of bolt-on extensions enabling the spreaders to be pinned in place on standard double-walled shields, to create exceptionally high clearances within your excavation

Another value-add to this already great product is Shore Hire’s pre-build service, where if transport conditions permit, Shore Hire will pre-build your shoring box before delivery so that when it arrives at your job site, it’s ready to install straight away to save even more time and money on your project.

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  • A range of technical support is available, so you know that what you’re putting in the ground is the absolute best and safest product possible
  • Versatile with various sizes, so that whatever the job requires, Shore Hire has the option to suit
  • High-strength steel construction for the most robust and safest shoring system possible
  • Easy to assemble and options for Shore Hire to pre-build where possible to save you as much time and money as possible on site
  • Manufactured & Certified AS 4744.1-2000 so you know that every safety checkbox is ticked when you use our products
  • Ability to reach greater internal widths of up to 6500mm
  • Compatible with Edge Safe Protection Range for even more safety options
  • 2500mm clearance under the bottom strut for maximum working space
  • Compatible with Steel & Heavy Duty Aluminium Trench Boxes
  • Simple design for easy assembly and installation
  • Custom designs available to meet customer requirements
Suited For 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18

Suited for use with Shore Hires’s range of steel and heavy-duty aluminium shoring boxes. Perfect for jobs where more clearance than normal is needed such as tank installs, tunnel boring, launch and receive pits and more.

Should you require advice, we always recommend you speak to our technical sales team before any hire.

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