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Trishores are a modular temporary propping system used to support heavy vertical loads at considerable heights and are ideal for heavy-duty propping and underpinning in a range of construction environments.

Positioned in groups, Trishores can support exceptionally heavy and concentrated loads, including multiple suspended floors in high-rise structures or even bridge applications. Trishores also have the advantage of providing clear access over obstructions or access ways, providing additional flexibility on-site. The unique design of the Trishore allows for maximum capacity even when built to incredible heights, while still maintaining a relatively low weight per component.

Shore Hire’s expert team of engineers and on-site riggers can also handle the temporary works design and installation of this equipment to give you full peace of mind on your next project.

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  • Flexible and modular system providing high load bearing in a variety of configurations
  • Adjustable base and head units to suit different heights on site
  • Fast to assemble on-site and Shore Hire offer pre-assembly where possible to save you time and money on site
  • Range of accessories to suit any project
  • Able to support heavy loads at massive heights
  • When braced in groups the load capacity of Trishores significantly increases
  • Compatible with a range of other Shore Hire propping products for full flexibility and maximum strength
  • Technical product experts at your service to step you through the process on-site for full peace of mind
  • Build drawings available to give you an easy-to-follow setup process
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Shore Hire’s modular propping systems are a customer favourite due to their incredible versatility and while they can be used in a huge number of applications, some of the most common are:

  • Back Propping
  • Support Towers
  • Underpinning
  • Demolition support
  • Bridge support
  • and much more
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