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Essential Safety Harness

Essential Safety Harness specifications

WeightWeb TenacityWebbing MaterialThreadStitch PatternDrop Forged D RingsBuckle Strength
1.4kg28kNPolyester; 45mmPolyester; 9.81 Newtons (10kg) extension at break 19%THETA Pattern combines 313 stitches to exceed 28kN of strengthAlloy Steel; 40kN12 to 17kN

Essential Safety Harness

Description 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18

Shore Hire offers a range of Confined Space Entry/Exit safety items, including the; Essential Safety Harness.

This harness is a full-body harness complete with quick-release buckles, a dorsal D ring, front fall arrest attachment points, and extended belay loops.

The harness has a range of safety features designed to reduce the risk of injury, and is an AS/NZS 1891.1:2020 certified product.

We also have a Confined Space Spreader Bar that is designed for use with this harness, incorporating confined space loops or D Rings. The Spreader Bar comes with Snap Hook attachments to secure the worker.

Features 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18
  • Pebble Weave Webbing design provides maximum grip for buckles, eliminating webbing slippage and the need for continual re-adjustment
  • High Tenacity UV stabilised webbing that enhances resistance to solvents and UV light degradation
  • Retro-Reflective Thread in webbing for improved visibility in low light
  • Large Dorsal D Ring for easier connection
  • The Closed Loop Webbing system on the rear Dorsal D maintains the positioning of Dorsal D in the event of a fall. This significantly reduces the risk of injury from hardware hitting the back of a worker’s head
  • Extended Belay Loops make connecting the hardware easier, and also maintain absolute front and centre positioning
  • Sub Pelvic Strap integration along the lines of Belay Loops, places the worker away from hardware in the event of a fall, significantly reducing the risk of injury from hardware hitting the worker
  • Articulated Chest Strap and shoulder adjustment points, designed for additional user comfort and female users, due to the lower positioning of the strap
  • Confined Space Rescue Loops
  • Service Pouch on back
  • Manufacturer Warranty: 10 year life span from date of manufacture
  • AS/NZ compliant colour contrast
Suited For 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18

Our Essential Safety Harness can be used in conjunction with a shock-absorbing lanyard or inertia reel device, like our Fall Arrest Blocks, Heavy Duty Stand-Alone Tripod, Davit Arm, and Portable Gantry, attached to the front or rear D Ring.

It can also be used in any confined space entry/exit work using the confined space loops with the Confined Space Spreader Bar.

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