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Excavator Mounted Vibrators (EMVs)


UnitsEMV 300EMV 450EMV 550
Static Moment4.6kg6.9kg8.23kgm
Frequency2400 r.p.m2460 r.p.m2500 r.p.m
Centrifugal Force300KN450KN564KN
Min. Hydraulic Flow Rate130L/min195L/min256L/min
Max. Hydraulic Flow Rate250L/min350L/min400L/min
Max. Hydraulic Pressure350bar350bar350bar
Min. Hydraulic Power52KW88KW120KW
Dynamic Mass625kg1008kg1150kg
Total Mass860kg1275kg1500kg
Max. Pile Mass800kg1000kg1400kg
Max. Push / Pull Force15000kg15000kg22500kg
Clamp Force54 tonne54 tonne66 tonne
Machine Size12 – 35 tonne20 – 45 tonne30 – 55 tonne

Excavator Mounted Vibrators (EMVs)

Description 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18

Shore Hire’s Excavator Mounted Vibrators are suitable for driving and extracting our range of Shore Hire trench sheets, sheet piles and hydraulic bracing systems.

Compact, robust and reliable, our hammers can be attached directly to the excavator boom or via a range of quick hitch adaptor brackets suitable for any machine.

The Shore Hire Excavator Mounted Vibrators emit extremely low levels of vibration back to the excavator so you can have full peace of mind this powerful attachment won’t disrupt your machine.

We also have a swan neck attachment available for our EMVs for an even greater reach when installing longer sheets or working at tricky angles.


Features 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18
  • Various sizes can be combined to meet a range of excavation applications
  • A range of quick hitches available to fit the attachment to any machine
  • Works in with our range of trench sheets, sheet piles and hydraulic bracing systems to give you full peace of mind around safety
  • Slim design to assist with driving piles
  • Incredible power-to-weight ratio
  • Low noise/localised directional vibration, which is especially beneficial on highly trafficked metro sites
  • Automatic hydraulic clamp operation so you know the sheets are connected properly and safely
  • No electronics are required to give you an easy setup process and maximise workability
  • Technical product experts at your service to step you through the process on site

Suited For 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18

Suitable for any project which will require installation of sheet piles and/or trench sheets Shore Hire’s range of Excavator Mounted Vibrators enables a speedy and cost-effective method of trench sheet & sheet pile installation and extraction saving you time and money on site and maximising safety for the operator.

Should you require advice, we always recommend you speak to our technical sales team before any hire.

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