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Aluminium Vertishores

aluminium vertishore specifications

Length of Rail450mm450mm1070mm1070mm1525mm1525mm2135mm2135mm
Width of Rail204mm204mm204mm204mm204mm204mm204mm204mm
Number of Cylinders11222222
Min Trench Width550mm850mm550mm850mm550mm850mm550mm850mm
Max Trench Width1750mm2750mm1750mm2750mm1750mm2750mm1750mm2750mm
Stroke (Approx.)340-350mm530-540mm340-350mm530-540mm340-350mm530-540mm340-350mm530-540mm
Min Depth1060mm1060mm1500mm1500mm1975mm1975mm
Max Depth2445mm2445mm2460mm2460mm3020mm3020mm
Weight- with Standard Extensions11kg13kg23kg28kg28kg32kg32kg37kg
Max Hydraulic Pressure1500psi1500psi1500psi1500psi1500psi1500psi1500psi1500psi

Aluminium Vertishores

Description 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18

Shore Hire’s Aluminium Vertishores are the quickest, simplest and safest method of shoring a trench or excavation and contribute to major cost savings for our clients time and again through their lightning-fast setup and installation time and their compact and easy-to-transport size.

Aluminium Vertishores work by supporting the side walls of a trench through the use of hydraulic pressure or ‘soil arching’. Built from lightweight aluminium alloy, vertical shores provide portability and strength advantages and prevent cave-ins within all but the most unstable soil conditions. They are quick and simple to use and can be installed safely by one person from beside the top of the trench using a hydraulic hand pump, with gauged pressure ensuring even load allocation to walls.

This simple method of installation means the trench is safely shored up while the excavator continues to dig at full capacity, thereby maximising efficiency and productivity on your job site.  The system also maximises workspace in the trench and allows for crossing services and utilities to be easily worked around, making it one of our most popular shoring systems on offer.

*Plywood/sheeting may be incorporated into engineered designs, please contact us for more information.

Features 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18
  • Versatile with various sizes, so that whatever the job requires, Shore Hire has the option to suit
  • Ultra light-weight so you can install by hand and save massively on machinery costs
  • Incredible ease of handling and easy installation
  • Light enough for transport by a utility vehicle to save you majorly on transport costs
  • Hand assembly possible in minutes to save you time and manpower on your next project
  • Adjustable struts for variable lengths in the pit so you’re not having to swap equipment every time the trench gets wider or narrower, saving you big in timelines and expenses
  • A range of technical support is available, so you know that what you’re putting in the ground is the absolute best and safest product possible
  • Easy to assemble and options for Shore Hire to pre-build equipment pre-delivery saving you as much time and money as possible on site
  • Manufactured & Certified AS 4744.1-2000 so you know that every safety checkbox is ticked when you use our products
  • High-strength aluminium construction for the most robust and safest shoring system possible

Suited For 1DC84AF1-36F8-424F-A2E3-2C7AE1790A18

Aluminium Vertishores are designed for the shoring of vertical trenches as well as tricky and uniquely sized excavations. They can be used for spot bracing, production trenching and offer versatility when restrictions are imposed by space or crossing utilities. In stable soils, Aluminium Vertishores can be used directly against a trench face instead of requiring sheeting.

Aluminium Vertishores are an amazing option for general construction and utilities contractors, with the flexibility to use a range of different sizes and lengths.

Should you require advice, we always recommend you speak to our technical sales team before any hire.

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