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Rumble Grids

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Rumble Grids are designed to gently vibrate a vehicle as it rides over it, removing debris from the underbody of the vehicle and expanding the tread of the tyres to remove lodged dirt and debris to help you reduce the environmental impact of your project and keep nearby roadways clean.

Shore Hire’s Rumble Grids are safe, portable, low-cost, and virtually maintenance-free units that remove mud, dirt and debris from the tyres of job site vehicles. When placed at the exits of job sites, Rumble Grids can provide substantial savings on job-site clean-up costs.

Remember that a minimum of two units pinned together is required in order to get a full truck tyre rotation.

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  • Easily portable
  • Significantly reduces project clean-up costs
  • Easily cleanable while in use
  • Less environmental impact means happier clients and happier job site neighbours as you reduce your footprint

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Rumble grids are typically used at site access points to assist with removing debris from vehicle tyres when entering or exiting a job site.

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