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Kenco Barrier Lifter

Kenco Barrier Lifter SPECIFICATIONS

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Kenco Barrier Lifter

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The Kenco Barrier Lifter is a lifting attachment designed to be used in conjunction with our concrete t-lok barriers.

The Kenco lifter is an alternative to using forklift tynes (which can often chip or break barriers) or swift lifts (which require the operator to constantly climb on and off their truck) the Kenco unit instead automatically clamps over the top of the barriers to allow them to be safely and efficiently lifted into place and allows the operator to stay off the truck’s tray.

This change to the installation process is not only much safer but also saves on labour costs by reducing the manpower required to install concrete barriers.

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  • Connects with just a simple sling and shackle setup for quick and easy setup
  • Compatible with any machine within the Safe Working Load
  • Automatically grips the barrier and won’t release until the barrier is correctly set down in position so you have full peace of mind
  • Doesn’t require the operator to be on the truck’s tray at all for major productivity and fall protection benefits
  • Manufactured & Certified to meet Australian Standards
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The Kenco Barrier Lifter are designed to be used with Shore Hire’s Concrete T-Lok Barriers which have a range of applications but are most commonly used for:

  • Traffic diversion
  • Traffic separation
  • Site protection from traffic
  • Crowd Control
  • Footings for propping

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