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Lifting Chains

Lifting Chains

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Shore Hire offer a comprehensive range of lifting chains and associated connectors to suit all Shore Hire products, specifically our shoring solutions.

With a variety of connectors and hooks, lifting chains enable a large range of chain and sling configurations and multi-directional load and lift options, which maximise safety without compromising on strength.

Shore Hire’s lifting chains are made with the highest calibre materials offering superior wear and resistance to ensure onsite lifting is performed safely and effectively. We carry a range of 8mm, 10mm and 13mm four-leg, two leg and single-leg lifting chains, with variations on all components and with a range of capacities.

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  • Versatile with various sizes, so that whatever the job requires, Shore Hire has the option to suit
  • Designed to exceed Australian Safety Standards
  • Works in perfectly for easy use with Shore Hire shoring solutions
  • A full range of links, connectors, hooks, clutches, latches, swivels, shackles and tensioning kits are available allowing a large range of sling configurations
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Shore Hire’s lifting chains are designed to assist with installation and removal during trench shoring and other applications requiring the installation of heavy components.

Should you require advice, we always recommend you speak to our technical sales team before any hire.

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