Propping Equipment & System Hire


Shore Hire has assembled a range of propping solutions to cover countless applications in the building and construction sector. We stock one of Australia’s most complete propping product ranges, with high quality equipment and components fit for every purpose. Our products enable a fully flexible approach to propping, while ensuring ease of installation, high quality, durability and safety. Our propping systems are complemented by a large range of accessories that can adapt to any construction scenario. 

Propping Equipment & System Hire Solutions

  • Back-propping is where concrete slab formwork is replaced with temporary props during construction or demolition.
  • Bracing walls are used to support existing walls and structures during demolition and building, for example in tilt-up construction.
  • Building propping take a variety of formations where propping and shoring is used in combination for a number of construction outcomes.
  • Bridge supports provide specialist bracing for pedestrian, road and rail bridges during their construction, repair and replacement.
  • Prop construction is used on its own or in combination with other equipment when slabs or walls need secure support.
  • Roof supports give vertical support to a roof of any height or angle during construction or refurbishment projects.
  • Tilt propping is used to support angled walls and pre-cast concrete slabs, most commonly in commercial and industrial construction.
  • Under pinning refers to the use of a selection of propping equipment and methods to support structures such as mass concrete, beams, piles or props. 
Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

The Shore Hire engineering department designed a structural steel bracket  mechanically anchored to the concrete wall of the pool to replicate the existing damaged spring support system. The challenge for the team of riggers was that we needed to lift the entire pool at 13 separate lifting points in synchronisation to maintain the integrity of the pool.


Shore Hire supplied the contactor with multiple Acrow props at various lengths to suit the different levels of the concrete beams.

Mount Gravitt

Shore Hire was able to supply the contractor 25mm thick steel road plates to cover the open excavation each evening and allow traffic and pedestrian access across the trenches


Shore Hire delivered to site fully assembled light weight aluminium shoring boxes and unloaded using one of their crane trucks.