Shoring Equipment & Systems


Shore Hire supplies a comprehensive range of shoring products fit to meet any shoring requirement. From small excavations requiring hand digging and using timber sets, to deep pipe laying schemes needing multiple steel trench boxes with high clearance struts, we have the range and expertise to ensure you get the right equipment delivered to your site. Our high quality equipment has been tested time and again in major projects throughout Australia, ensuring our customers are supplied with reliable, durable and proven shoring systems.  

Shoring Equipment & Systems Solutions

Excavation shoring  is used to support the walls of trench excavations and open excavations during various construction and maintenance projects.

Trench shoring is a method of bracing a trench wall to prevent collapse and protect workers. 


Four Seasons Hotel Sydney

The Shore Hire engineering department designed a structural steel bracket  mechanically anchored to the concrete wall of the pool to replicate the existing damaged spring support system. The challenge for the team of riggers was that we needed to lift the entire pool at 13 separate lifting points in synchronisation to maintain the integrity of the pool.


Shore Hire supplied the contactor with multiple Acrow props at various lengths to suit the different levels of the concrete beams.

Mount Gravitt

Shore Hire was able to supply the contractor 25mm thick steel road plates to cover the open excavation each evening and allow traffic and pedestrian access across the trenches


Shore Hire delivered to site fully assembled light weight aluminium shoring boxes and unloaded using one of their crane trucks.