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Shore Hire's Head Office Staff

This year, Shore Hire is celebrating 16 years in business, and we couldn’t let this milestone go by without hearing from a few of our longest-serving employees, who have been here since the beginning.

Hear from some of our most tenured team members about what’s been the biggest change or improvement they’ve seen at Shore Hire since they started:


Luke Geelan – Executive Chair – 16 Years:

It is the slow and steady build of the most amazing team of aligned leaders that has really made the journey so memorable and rewarding. Three specific things of note are the; Introduction of our strategic plan in our Sirius strategy, roll out of red trucks, and our new HQ.

Marc Griffin – National Product Manager – 16 Years:

I look back to when I started 16 years ago and unless you were lucky enough to see where it started, you would not believe the business the Geelan’s and the Shore Hire team have built today. If you saw the old factory, you probably wouldn’t even walk in for an interview, unless you knew Pete and Luke’s passion and vision for the company – and for the coffee machines, I had to bring in powdered milk to work because we didn’t even have a fridge!

Lile Briskoski – Group Treasurer – 16 Years:

An improvement I’ve seen is product innovation and process improvements by way of automation across all facets of the business, mainly in HR. This is an amazing milestone – I feel very proud to be a part of the success and journey of Shore Hire.

Ian Stead – Workshop Manager – 13 Years:

Thirteen years at the company has seen enormous growth from one depot in Sydney to eight nationally, including the new head office. The product range has increased tenfold and is continually being added to by the R&D team.

Sue Hampton – Accounts Payable – 13 Years:

For me, the growth of the company has been huge. When I started 13 years ago, Luke interviewed me and we only had 15 staff. One thing that has stayed strong is the family-run business and the connections that Luke and Peter have with each other and every staff member. They always make time to say hello and check in on how we are and how life is going.

Barry Crowley – Head of Engineering – 12 Years:

A stand-out for me is being able to maintain the great culture and customer service we have, which can easily be lost or compromised in an organisation when striving to keep up with such growth, and this is a testament to the people and structures we have developed in the business.

Vanessa Williams – Executive Assistant – 11 Years:

The growth of people, product, and innovation over my 11 years has been astounding. Shore Hire believes its employees are just as important as the product, and I am proud to be part of an organisation that lives by its values.

Jared Medhurst – Sales & Operations Manager – 10 Years:

The biggest change has been the increase in people, branches, and our product range. One of the biggest improvements I’ve seen is our engineering department and their capabilities, not just with Temporary Works Design (TWD), but with product R&D now as well. We only had two engineers for three branches when I started, now we have over 15 across all of our branches.

Karen Millott – Credit Controller – 10 Years:

The one thing that has remained with me from the beginning, is being told that Shore Hire was to be the Mercedes Benz of hire, and we all strived to have that vision come true for Luke and Peter. From the day I walked into the company, Luke and Peter have made me feel like a part of their Shore Hire family, and words cannot express my respect and heartfelt appreciation for the support and care they have given me and my family.

Joe McCormack – Sales & Operations Coordinator – 10 Years:

The support created by Peter and Luke has still, to this day, never changed, and I think this should be recognised and celebrated considering the rapid growth of the company; this could quite easily have fallen wayside, but it hasn’t, and that’s a credit to those who have set these standards. One Team, One Dream!

Ashley Lancaster – CEO –  5 Years:

While I’ve only been here for five amazing years, there have been some incredible changes over that period. Most notably, the expansion into some fantastic and exciting new products, like our hydraulic bracing and new modular props. Our geographic expansion into new territories, such as Adelaide and East Melbourne, has led to significant growth. Finally, enabling our team to continue to grow and develop through new roles and training programs has been absolutely wonderful. I look forward to the exciting initiatives and growth in the many years to come.

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