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A shoring box being installed into a trench

Shoring in below-ground applications refers to using a system to support an excavation temporarily. Shoring enables works can be completed without the risk of the excavation or trench collapsing in. Shoring not only saves lives but also increases trenching and excavation efficiency on site.

A common question among contractors is ‘How do I know if I need a shoring or trench box on-site?’ There are a number of factors that determine if a shoring box may be required, but the article below outlines 3 key factors to consider when deciding if you need shoring.

Factors to consider to help you determine if you need a shoring system include:


In Australia, once an excavation is 1500mm deep, it is deemed as high risk, and some sort of excavation support system must be implemented. If benching or battering isn’t doable or economical, then a shoring system may be the best and safest solution. If you need assistance, get in contact with Shore Hire today to see which shoring solution is best for your job site.


Soil type

The type of soil in your excavation plays a key role in determining if a shoring box may be required. Soils are classified with a variety of grades in Australia, which we won’t go into here, but the less stable the ground the more likely shoring will be the right option, even if you’re not 1500mm deep. An example of very unstable ground would be soft clay or sand where groundwater is present. In some cases, certain ground types can require pre-installation of driven sheets instead of a traditional shoring box due to how easily this material will collapse in on itself.


High-risk assets

When working around or installing high-risk assets such as active pipes, pump stations, residential housing or machinery, it is usually best practice to use some sort of trench box or shoring solution to make sure the excavation has no risk of collapsing and your assets are protected. The small cost to hire a shoring box is heavily outweighed by the potential risk of damaging these assets. Shore Hire also offers a number of lightweight shoring options which are perfect for shallow works around utilities like our Grip Shore and Vertishores.


In conclusion, a shoring box or shoring solution is always required at 1.5m deep or greater and in many cases, shoring can still be required in trenches and excavations that are more shallow than this. If you want to find out more, visit your nearest branch, email [email protected], or call our friendly team of experts at 1300 SHORE HIRE.


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