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Edge protection is critical in all shoring systems to protect workers from falling into trenches and excavations and from falling debris.

This is no different for Shore Hire’s hydraulic bracing systems, which are made up of extension beams connected to a high-load capacity Hydraulic Ram, and secured using our trench sheets or sheet piles.

These types of excavations are often very deep, and if workers are going to enter these trenches, they need to do so safely and with an edge protection system in place. Sheeting systems previously didn’t have an edge protection option that was purpose-built and fully tested, meaning that on-site makeshift systems such as scaffolding tubes and temporary fencing were being used by contractors, causing unnecessary risk while also being uncompliant. 

To solve this issue, Shore Hire’s expert Research and Development team, designed, sourced, and rigorously tested a number of unique solutions before finally going ahead with our current suite of edge protection solutions, which exceeds Australian safety standards, is as safe and versatile as possible, and is built with ease of use in mind.

Now, with our Over Sheet Pile Davit Arm Foot and Handrail Foot, our entire Edge Protection range can be added to our hydraulic bracing systems, making them even safer for workers.

What edge protection equipment does Shore Hire offer?

We have developed and adapted our range of Edge Protection equipment in response to ongoing demands in the industry. This equipment includes:

  • Edge Safe Handrail System with Rotational Feet: Protecting workers and equipment from falling into trenches and excavations can be easily achieved with our lightweight handrails, which now come with rotational feet. Coming in 1, 2, 3, and 4-metre lengths, they are compliant with Australian Standards AS 4994.1 ‘Temporary Edge Protection’. They feature a three-rail system with the provision for a toe board and a ‘Kick Rail’ to be installed if required. 
  • Davit Arms/Fall Arrest Systems: Our Davit Arms provide workers with a way to safely access and exit trenches and excavations, ensuring they can do their jobs without risking harm. It works with our safety winch to create an inertia-locked reel system that quickly and effectively clamps to trench boxes and hydraulic bracing systems providing a safe and easy safety system if a person slips or requires retrieval from within an excavation. They’re compliant with Australian Standard AS 1891.4:2009 ‘Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices –Selection, use and maintenance’ and have a cable length of 24m and a load capacity of 136kg. 
  • Ladder Safe Platform and Ladders: Shore Hire’s Ladder Safe Platform is a simple, robust ladder platform that is designed to be used with our excavation support systems. The system quickly and effectively clamps to both trench boxes and hydraulic bracing systems, providing a safe access platform for entry to the excavation via a ladder attached to a Ladder-Safe Platform. It features a self-closing and locking gate, and a ladder pole to attach and secure the ladder.
  • Stair Access Platform and Self-Levelling Stairs: Our Stair Access Platform is an innovative and robust access platform that secures self-levelling stairs via a ladder desk into an excavation. It features a self-closing and locking gate and is incredibly easy to secure to all of Shore Hire’s shoring systems. Our adjustable, aluminium Self-Levelling Stairs provide safe, fast, and easy access between floors, decks, and in trenches. The treads self-level to suit any height, and the stairs come with a 90-degree top fixing bracket, folding handrails, and a large support foot. Additionally, the anti-slip self-levelling stair treads provide added safety for workers.

If you want to learn more about our range of edge protection equipment or any of our shoring products, visit your nearest branch, email [email protected], or call our friendly team of experts at 1300 SHORE HIRE.

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