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Shore 100

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A Versatile propping solution that can be used in conjunction with Shore 1000.

The Shore 100 propping system is a highly flexible, high load-bearing solution for propping in horizontal and vertical applications, meeting the high demands of today’s competitive construction industry.

Shore 100 was designed to handle the most demanding jobs while providing adaptability of use in a multitude of arrangements and conditions, with beams of various lengths.

Shore 100 provides customers with the ultimate combination of load bearing and flexibility. It can also e used in conjunction with Shore 400 and Shore 1000 for even greater flexibility.

When you require structural shoring and propping equipment Shore 100 is capable of meeting most jobs with ease.

Shore Hire’s Shore 100 propping system has been used in a large range of construction projects including Taronga Zoo, Vaucluse and Ashfield.


Description Weight
section kg
90mm Section 7.3kg
180mm Section 8.8kg
360mm Section 12kg
540mm Section 16kg
900mm Section 22kg
1800mm Section 40kg
2700mm Section 58kg
3600mm section 73kg
Shore 100 Jack only 390-600mm 12.8kg

Shore 100 can be used Vertically, Horizontal & Raking.

  • Fast to assemble onsite
  • High load capacity components
  • A range of connectors, adaptors, jacks and brackets provides versatility
  • An adjustable head unit ensures ease of cross brace and the strongest orientation of the prop
  • Heavy duty jacks convert the Shore 100 to a vertical or raking shore
  • Compatible with both Shore 1000 and Shore 400 systems

Shore 100 is suitable for a variety of applications including:



Applications including temporary works, formwork raking shores, facade retention, wall support, needling applications (particularly in confined spaces) and propping are all achievable. Custom underpinning configurations once only possible with a fixed structure are now easily assembled onsite.

The Shore 100 can be delivered standalone or as as part of our comprehensive full-service solution. This includes:

  • Free on-site assessment
  • Engineering design
  • Delivery
  • Installation by our professional rigging team



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