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Shore Hire received an enquiry from Sterling Infrastructure in late October 2022. The company needed to move several large generators from the wharf to a power station in Biloela, but unfortunately, the main roads were not suitable for transportation. This meant that an alternative route needed to be used, however, due to the weight of the trucks and the equipment they were carrying there were 9 culverts on the route which needed to be back propped to prevent them from potentially collapsing.



After evaluating the quantities required, which included over 1,000 timber sleepers and 400 props, with a combination of our modular shore 400 props and aluminium titan props, it was clear that this was going to take a mammoth effort, so as soon as Shore Hire received the purchase order we got to work and the first delivery was less than 3 days later.

Despite the tight deadline, we delivered all the necessary equipment within nine days, which included Titans and SH400 props. The team built 312 Shore 400 props in just six days, we also delivered three full semi-loads to the customer to ensure the gear was ready to be installed by the mid-month deadline as requested. Our timely delivery and efficient service ensured that the generators could be transported to the power station without any issues.

This case study highlights our ability to provide prompt and reliable solutions to our clients, even when faced with tight deadlines and large orders. Our commitment to delivering quality products on time and within budget ensures our customers’ projects are successful.


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