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Propping and shoring being used as a retaining wall in a recent project.


A client in Melbourne contacted Shore Hire to create a temporary makeshift retaining wall to support an excavated face in order to prevent any soil cave-in or land slippage. 

However, an incredibly restricted space and adjacent permanent works made it difficult to position the footings of the props that were going to be used, so another solution needed to be created. 

It was also crucial for the customer to use a modular system with adjustable length in order to ensure the prop did not compromise the footing and worked with the unique size requirements.



Our expert engineers created a solution that used a Shore 7.2m-36 Aluminium Trench Box panel in order to stop the excavated face from caving in, and 168mm spigot connectors and six Shore 400 Modular Props were used to prop and support the panel, these props were used in both a strong back and raking application to ensure optimal dispersion of load.

The solution also needed to consider pad footings that were at two different distances from the wall; therefore, each individual prop was constructed differently to achieve their required lengths, and placed at different raking angles.

This solution was a great success; the combination of shoring and propping provided a safe and secure working zone, prevented land slippage, and protected the adjacent permanent works and its infrastructure resulting in a happy client.

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