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Innovative Bridge Design To Support a Creek Crossing - Feature Image


One of our clients, a specialist civil engineering contractor, needed to perform remediation work on an important bridge for a government agency.

The bridge is a key part of the government agency’s supply infrastructure and was located a few kilometres down a private service road.

The main challenge with this project was the fact that in order to complete the work, a 100-tonne mobile crane with an axle load of 12 tonnes was required on-site.

This became a problem when one of the three small creek crossings on the service road had existing culverts, which would be severely impacted by the weight of the crane without additional support or reinforcement.

Existing Culverts Under a Small Creek Crossing



To overcome this problem, Shore Hire engineered a solution that used one of our 6-metre Steel Vehicle Bridges with two of our Steel Road Plates on either side of the bridge underneath the ramps to reinforce them so the crane could access the bridge safely. We also applied cold mix bitumen to the end of the ramps, to allow smoother and easier crane access to the bridge.

Another way we assisted the client was by stacking the steel plates and bridge sections in order, and preparing them for placement using our crane trucks. Our drivers also assisted in the assembly process, helping attach the ramps and handrails to the bridge. This collaborative effort enabled the bridge, bridge sections, plates, and handrails to be set up and operational in just a couple of hours.

The project was a great success; the remediation work was able to be completed efficiently, safely, and to the customer’s satisfaction.

Shore Hire’s Temporary Bridge Reinforcing the Creek Crossing


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