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Home Projects Shoring Multiple Levels of Hydraulic Bracing for a Coastal Pump Station – Wollongong

Multiple Levels of Hydraulic Bracing - Feature Image


A tier 1 client engaged us for a 12-metre deep new pump station they needed to install in Shell Cove on the New South Wales south coast.

After liaising with the client’s engineering team and their permanent works coordinator, it was determined the depth of the excavation was unachievable.

Another problem was that the pump station was being built right next to the ocean and very close to a water table, so a high-capacity and ‘neat’ solution would be required for this project.

The 12-metre excavation ready for shoring after being benched


To solve the depth problem, a perimeter ground reduction of 9-metres was cut into the surface of an excavation, with a 3-metre deep bench around the perimeter.

We then created a design, with our Shore Brace 400 Hydraulic Bracing system used to create three levels of frames within the excavation and our Shore Strut 400 Cross-Strut used for support in between both pump stations on each level.

After the design was completed, we got the equipment (including the Sheet Piles, Edge Protection, and Excavator Mounted Vibrator) ready and partially assembled the frames and struts in our Sydney yard to save the customer both time and money.

The installation of all the frames took three weeks, but that included each frame being installed after excavating to the level required. 

The job was completed within the client’s time frame and their feedback was exceptional. Having one of our sales representatives on hand during the installation to offer guidance was incredibly valuable for the project. 

This solution and the project overall were a great success; this pump station will service approximately 50,000 homes and businesses across the Shell Cove region.

The excavation with the three levels of our Shore Brace 400

If you want to see this project and others in showcase video format, head to our project video page.

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