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Propping a Loading Platform to Support a Generator - Feature Image


Shore Hire was contacted by a crane company to help remove a generator from a pump station at a water treatment plant in Brisbane.

The plan was to swap out the generator by rolling or skating it out onto a loading platform to be craned off-site. However, this couldn’t be done without added support to the deck because the generator was too heavy and could potentially collapse the platform.


To solve this problem, we created a temporary pad for the deck out of our Steel Plates and back-propped the deck with our Shore Prop 400 modular props

This was further supported by propping towers, our Steel Tilt Props being used as raking props, and our Engineered Blocks used as footings to account for the heavy load of the generator.

For this project, we engineered the design, installed the solution, and even did some on-site welding to add a lug to our plates to help pull the old generator out onto the deck.

The solution was a great success; the old generator was able to be removed quickly, safely, and far more economically than would have been possible with a different solution.

Our Shore Prop 400s and Steel Tilt Props supporting the platform


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