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Timber Shoring used in Water Main Project - Cronulla


Shore Hire was approached by a customer who needed to shore several water main pits, but the presence of cross services running through the pits made it difficult to use most contemporary shoring methods.



After careful consideration, we determined that timber shoring was the best solution for this project. Despite being a more traditional method, timber shoring was the only practical solution given the layout of the pits and services.

The use of timber shoring allowed for a smooth and efficient installation process, and the water main pits were properly shored throughout the project. The customer was extremely satisfied with the results, and we were proud to have provided a solution that met their unique needs and exceeded their expectations.

This project demonstrates that sometimes older technologies are still the most reliable and effective choice. Timber shoring may be a traditional method, but its simplicity and effectiveness make it a smart choice in certain situations.


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