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A major contractor on a busy Brisbane road needed to open an excavation to install culverts on a critical infrastructure project. Due to the height of the culverts, traditional struts (1450mm clearance) would have clashed with the culverts, so an alternative solution with more clearance was required. The culverts requiring installation were also wider than the rest of the road opening, requiring the use of a shoring solution with varying widths that could be customised.

Also, due to the location of the project, safety was paramount, so rescue systems and properly rated and certified Edge Protection Systems, such as handrails, a Davit Arm, and Ladder Safe Platform, needed to be used throughout the entire excavation.



To solve the clients under strut clearance problems, Shore Hire recommended our Arch Spreaders. These are heavy-duty struts that provide 2500mm of under-strut clearance and are ideal for a project like this, where large-diameter pipes or tunnel bore machines are installed.

The client appreciated our team’s ability to build the arch spreader units in our yard, which meant all the client needed to do was attach them to the shoring boxes, leading to massive labour and time savings. This was especially beneficial as Arch Spreaders can be very heavy and require a significant amount of ground space to build, which was scarce on a busy Brisbane road.

The client had a standard road opening width of 2.75m however, to accommodate for the culverts, this had to be widened to 3.25m, meaning a shoring solution with adaptable strut sizes had to be used, such as our Aluminium Shoring Boxes.

Overall, the work was carried out safely and securely using Arch Spreaders, Aluminium Shoring Boxes, and Edge Protection Systems, ensuring adequate clearance for completion and ample time savings due to our pre-assembly of the Arch Spreaders.

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