Acrow Props

Acrow props are height adjustable, temporary steel supports that enable a multitude of propping methods in a variety of construction environments.

Their economical size and ease of installation means multiple acrow props can easily be positioned quickly. With a prop weight of as little as 13kg these supports can easily be transported and moved around your site.

Adding a Strong Boy to an acrow prop achieves a simple and effective underpinning solution when supporting or renovating masonry or installing lintels or beams.

Shore Hire can meet a full range of applications with acrow prop hire from size 0 to 4, with working heights from 1100mm to 5170mm. The height is easily adjustable using the prop pin and chain system. Scaffolding tubes can easily be added in a horizontal arrangement where sideways force presents risk of destabilisation.

Our acrow props have been used for construction projects including at Lilli Pilli and Burraneer

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Acrow props are an excellent solution for temporary vertical underpinning. Existing or new beams can easily be supported while work is completed.

They are economical, easy and quick to erect and can fulfil a wide range of support requirements where a vertical load needs propping, including:

  • internal demolition
  • building repairs
  • alterations

Availability: Same Day

Acrow props are an economical and safe method of providing temporary support for a range of vertical propping applications:

  • Lightweight and transportable
  • Quick release
  • Easy and fast to erect
  • Add scaffolding tubes for horizontal stabilization
  • Sizes 0 to 4 with working heights 1100mm to 5170mm

Availability: Same Day

The Acrow Props can be delivered standalone or as as part of our comprehensive full-service solution. This includes:

  • Free on-site assessment
  • Engineering design
  • Delivery
  • Installation by our professional rigging team


Availability: Same Day


Size WLL At Min
WLL At Max
of Prop
No. 0 40kN 1100mm 16kN 1975mm 13kg
No. 1 24kN 1625mm 11kN 2730mm 16kg
No. 2 24kN 1945mm 9kN 3365mm 19kg
No. 3 17kN 2545mm 7kN 3965mm 22kg
No. 4 16kN 3230mm 4kN 5170mm 26kg