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Safety is a top priority in the construction industry, especially when it comes to working in confined spaces. These areas often present a range of risks and challenges that require specialised equipment to ensure that workers are able to enter, work in them and exit safely. 

What is a confined space?

Confined spaces, like excavations, trenches, manholes, drainage piles, and crawl spaces, are enclosed areas that are usually not designed for people, contain a potentially harmful atmosphere, and may have limited means of entry and exit.

What confined space products does Shore Hire offer?

  • Oxygen Self Rescuer: The Oxygen Self Rescuer is a small, robust KO² respiratory device that delivers safe and immediate oxygen on demand for escape or rescue. The device is designed to be worn on a belt for easy opening and use and has a 20 – 100 minute duration, depending on breathing rate. It is suited for use in any confined space entry jobs where gases may be present and immediate rescue may be required.

  • Davit Arm Trailer Hitch Mount: Shore Hire’s Trailer Hitch Mount allows you to use your vehicle as a portable anchor point for confined space entry and retrieval and fall arrest applications, using a Davit Arm. The mount can connect to the majority of 51mm (2”) square vehicle receivers, and is suited for use in any confined space entry work where a traditional Davit Arm Mount can’t be used.
  • Confined Space Gas Detector: Shore Hire’s Confined Space Gas Detector kit comprises a calibration certificate, 240v charger, bump test kit, 4 Gas Detectors, and instructions, all in a sturdy transport case. The unit is IP68 water-resistant and rated for 45min up to 1.2m depth. The detector has a battery runtime of 2 months with a single charge and up to 4 months if the detector is turned off at the end of each shift. It is suited for use in any confined space entry jobs where gases may be present.

  • Portable Gantry 3m + 3.3m: The Portable Gantry is a versatile, and non-permanent fall arrest system with height-adjustable columns, that have a range of 1.7-3.3m, so the gantry can be used in a variety of applications. It is suited for use in any confined space entry work where people may be working inside an excavation or trench and need to be lowered inside, or to lower and lift heavy equipment.
  • Fall Arrest Blocks 6m + 12m: Our Fall Arrest Blocks are durable, but lightweight, with a maximum rated load of 140kg. They work by using an Energy absorption braking system that stops any vertical fall, and the retractable lifeline allows workers to move freely within the confined space while maintaining fall protection. It is suited for use in any confined space entry work where people may be working inside an excavation or trench.
  • Heavy Duty Stand Alone Tripod: Our Heavy Duty Stand-Alone Tripod is designed to fit over a manhole entry cover and provide safe access by the use of a fall arrest and recovery winch. The tripod has been designed to resist damage with rectangular, fully adjustable legs, and a one-piece cast head. Integrated twin pulleys and an additional auxiliary anchorage point allow for many options and combinations of access, egress, and rescue equipment to be specified. It is suited for use in confined spaces and tight access works where a stand-alone rescue system is required.
  • Roll Up Rescue Stretcher: The Shore Hire Rescue Stretcher has a Safe Working Load (SWL) of 350kg Horizontal and 250kg Vertical. It is rated for one person in the stretcher and one rescuer, comes with its own carry bag with shoulder straps, weighs just 6kg, and is manufactured from heavy-duty PVC with neutral buoyancy. The Rescue Stretcher is suited for use in horizontal, vertical, confined space, rope, and helicopter rescue.

  • CSE Vent Fan (300mm, 240V Electric): Shore Hire’s CSE Vent Fan is specifically designed for confined space ventilation; it supplies fresh air and removes hazardous gases, fumes, and airborne contaminants from the confined space, effectively improving air circulation and air quality. It is suited for use in any confined space entry where ventilation or extraction is required. 

If you would like to learn more about our range of confined space equipment, visit your nearest branch, email [email protected], or call our friendly team of experts at 1300 SHORE HIRE.

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