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Struts on a 3m Trench Box

Struts are a fundamental part of shoring – they prop the insides of the shoring box that is placed in a trench or excavation to stop the sides from collapsing or caving in on itself.

How are Fixed-Length Struts Different from Telescopic Struts?

Telescopic struts can be elongated and shortened to suit the size of any trench, but as the name suggests, fixed-length props are purpose-built to suit Shore Hire’s range of shoring solutions. They are connected to the side wall of the trench box spigots with connecting pins and locking clips. This makes assembly and dismantling the box quick and easy, especially since no nuts, bolts, or tools are required.

Our struts are offered in increments of 250mm from 600mm up to 4000mm.

what Fixed-Length Struts Does Shore Hire Offer?

  • Shore 141 StrutsThese are lightweight and made to suit our 3m Trench Boxes, 3m Manhole Box, and 4.2m-35 Trench Boxes.

Shore 141 Strut Dimensions

  • Shore 168 Struts – These are heavy-duty pipe struts, built to suit the Shore 4/6m Trench Box and our Aluminium Shoring range. The solid struts enable the 4/6m Trench Box to be used as a dig and push trench box in sandy, gravelly soil conditions, or as a drag box in cohesive soil types.

Shore 168 Strut Dimensions

If you would like to learn more about the struts that Shore Hire offer, or which ones would be the best for your next project, visit your nearest branch, email [email protected] or call our friendly team of experts at 1300 SHORE HIRE.

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