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Workers installing Vertishores into a trench

Far too many workplace accidents and deaths have occurred due to unprotected and collapsed trenches.

Safe Work Australia requires anyone who proposes excavating a trench at least 1.5m deep, to minimise the risk to any person arising from the collapse of the trench by ensuring that all sides of the trench are adequately supported by one or more of the following:

  • Shoring by shielding
  • Benching
  • Battering

To prevent trench collapse and ensure workers’ safety, Shore Hire has a range of protective shoring products that have been designed, manufactured, and tested in Australia.

Our range is ideal for light and heavy-duty work, deeper excavations, and large trench shoring applications, including large pipe installation, boring pits, pump stations, or projects where long pipes are being laid.

Our Shoring box systems range from 1.8m up to 7.2m trench boxes and 3m manhole boxes. We also offer a range of Edge Protection Solutions, including Edge Safe Handrail systems, Ladder Safe Platforms, Davit Safe / Fall Arrest Systems, Telescopic Access Ramps, Self-Levelling Stairs, and Stair Access Platforms.


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