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An engineer’s role in shoring and propping design is crucial because undertaking any shoring or propping work can be complicated, and the risks involved are significant.

That’s why we strongly encourage construction contractors to have our engineers design and sign off on engineered solutions, no matter the size of the project. There is a big difference between hiring a shoring or propping product and getting an engineered solution. It makes sense to outsource the engineering process to an engineer who is experienced in the products and best practice methods of shoring and propping design.



Shoring and propping engineers have to contend with a range of unknowns and factors that influence the forces of the building or the trench walls. They will take these and more into account – such as the proximity of neighbouring buildings, in- and above-trench safety – when determining the right solution for your particular work site.

Performing detailed calculations can be a very time-consuming process. When designing propping systems, the engineer has to consider the nature and condition of the ground (eg. adjoining properties, soil types, the impact of water, settlement), various load types (dead load, superimposed load and wind load) as well as the reshoring system to be used. When designing excavation shoring systems, engineers need to consider the impact of earth and water pressures on both the soil retention system and the structural support system that braces internally.

Following a site visit, our experienced engineers use industry-grade software to design cost-effective shoring and propping systems. Once your system is designed, we supply a comprehensive shoring or propping plan, including technical drawings in either 2D or 3D, which can even be used as part of tender or EOI submissions. The fact that all of our products comply with Australian Standards adds to your safety equation to further impress your clients.



In Australia, there are guidelines on working in and shoring trenches and for propping structures during construction. However, not everyone is an expert on these guidelines or in the design and engineering of systems to a best-practice standard.

So why not outsource the entire process to Shore Hire – from site inspection to system planning to engineering and installation? We will visit your site and work side by side with your team to help develop a solution. The plan we supply will be engineered, complete with technical drawings and signed off by an experienced engineer.

Our experienced rigging team can even deliver and install the products, taking risks out of your hands.

It all starts with a Shore Hire engineer getting the shoring or propping system right the first time. Contact us today to learn more.

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