Timber Shoring

Timber shoring is an older technology yet still highly useful in certain situations where cross services within an excavation prohibit the use of any other shoring method.


Timber shoring is a very adaptable system suitable for many different situations including small access areas and in the presence of cross services, which can restrict options for shoring and excavating.


Shore Hire carries a large range of timber shoring components, including runners, walers and trench jacks. Shore Hire supplies timber runners (155mmx43mm section) in 3m or 4m lengths, with walers (150mmx100mm) in 3m lengths.


Steel trench jacks are added to support timber shoring, with bracket heads are designed to sit on top of the timber walers that run horizontally along the trench. Sizes H0 through to H4 are available.


Shore Hire’s timber shoring has been used in projects including at Cronulla where cross services posed difficulties with other shoring methods. 

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Timber shoring is a lightweight trench shoring alternative to aluminium or steel shoring but can actually reduce site labour and erection times due to the simple nature of the materials and installation and small risk of delays. Timber shoring can be a good support system for pipe laying and maintenance, or other excavation activities where access is limited or cross services present problems with other shoring methods. 

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  • Simple system for use where space is limited or where cross services pose problems
  • Timber runners with cross-section dimensions of 155mm x 43mm and a length of 3-4m
  • Timber walers with cross-section dimensions of 150mm x 100mm and a length of 3m
  • Steel waler hangers to support the runners
  • Steel trench jacks

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The Timber Shoring can be delivered standalone or as as part of our comprehensive full-service solution. This includes:

  • Free on-site assessment
  • Engineering design
  • Delivery

For safety products available for use with the Timber Shoring, click here


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Description Size Standard Length
Runners 155 x 43mm 3m or 4m
Walers 150 x 100mm 3m