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Edge protection

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Our range of Edge Protection Safety Equipment has been developed in response to the ongoing industry demands for
safe access in all shoring applications and are compatible with all Shore Hire Boxes and Trench Sheet Systems.

Edge Safe Handrail System

  • Compliant with Australian Standards AS 4994.1. “Temporary edge protection”
  • Lightweight, easy to install system satisfying
    current manual handling regulations
  • Compatible with all Shore hire shoring systems, ladder safe & Davit safe.
  • Mechanically fixed to the shoring system.
  • Has provision for “Kick Rail” to be installed if
  • 3 rail system including provision for a toe board.
  • Fixes within panel width.

Ladder Safe Platform

  • Innovative and robust access platform for use with
    Shore Hire Edge Safe Handrail System
  • Self closing and locking gate
  • Ladder pole to secure ladder
  • Compatible with Shore Hire Shoring Boxes and
    Trench Sheet systems
  • Easy to secure to shoring

Davit Safe / Fall Arrest

  • Compatible with Shore Hire Shoring Boxes and
    Trench Sheet Systems
  • Personnel hoisting for rescue situations
  • Can be used in conjunction with Edge Safe and
    Ladder Safe
  • Personnel fall arrest protection.
  • Compliant to Australian Standard AS 1891.4:2009
    Industrial fall-arrest systems and devices –
    Selection, use and maintenance
  • 136kg load capacity
  • 24mt cable length


  • To be used in conjunction with Edge Safe and
    Ladder Safe
  • A selection of commercially available ladders come
    in a range of lengths. Sale only item.

Access Ramp

  • Pivot connection cab be ramped to 30d incline or decline
  • Complete with handrail
  • Lightweight & easy to install

Rescue System

  • Roll up stretcher stored and carried in backpack
  • Portable, lightweight aluminum rescue tripod
  • Straps & horizontal lift slings
  • vertical lift sling
  • Carabiners & removable web handles

Stair Access Platform

  • Required for securing self-leveling stairs into your excavation.
  • Innovative and robust access platform.
  • Self-closing and locking gate
  • Compatible with Shore Hire shoring systems.
  • Easy to secure to shoring

Self-leveling Stair

  • Adjustable aluminium safety stair
  • Safe, fast easy access between floors
  • Fold flat for easy storage
  • Treads self leveling to suit any height
  • 90 degree top fixing bracket
  • Folding handrails
  • Anti-slip self-leveling stair treads

The Edge Protection can be delivered standalone or as as part of our comprehensive full-service solution. This includes:

  • Free on-site assessment
  • Engineering design
  • Delivery

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