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The safe construction of a pump well was hindered by an excavation site that consisted of loose sands, soft clays, and groundwater. The excavation site measured 6m x 6m and was 7m deep, this large excavation posed a potential risk to the safety of workers and the stability of the structure being built. The challenge was to find an economical solution to ensure the safety of the workers and the stability of the structure.



To facilitate the safe construction of the pump well, Shore Hire designed a Temporary Works Design for the installation of Shore Brace 200 and 9m Sheet Piles. Shore Brace 200 is a modular hydraulic bracing system developed by Shore Hire which is used to provide support to excavations to prevent potential collapses.

The Shore Brace 200 and Sheet Piles were installed around the perimeter of the excavation site to provide a stable and secure working environment before excavating took place. The Shore Brace 200 was anchored into the ground at regular intervals to provide additional support and prevent any potential collapse.

Before the installation process, multiple detailed site inspections were carried out to ensure the suitability of the site for the installation of the equipment. The site inspections also identified any potential risks and hazards, and appropriate measures were taken to mitigate them.

Once the installation was complete, regular monitoring and maintenance were carried out to ensure the stability of the structure and equipment as well as the safety of the workers.

In summary, the implementation of Shore Brace 200 and Sheet Piles provided a safe and secure working environment for workers and ensured the stability of the structure being built. The success of the project relied on multiple thorough site inspections, appropriate risk assessment, choosing the right gear, the expert advice of our engineering team and regular monitoring and maintenance.


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