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High-Load Modular Propping


A cement supplier in Melbourne needed to complete critical repairs on their milling facility to replace seized bearings in the separator. This meant that the facility, which was over 15.9 metres tall, needed to be propped and supported while other structural members were removed and replaced.

Parts of the facility, including cable trays, plant, equipment, buildings, and ducts, were all located within the potential propping space, so the solution needed to ensure that these parts didn’t get in the way of the props but also didn’t need to be removed.

The milling facility that needed to be propped


To solve this problem, Shore Hire’s expert engineers recommended our Shore Prop 1000s because they have a higher workload capability for the longer lengths required for this project and could integrate seamlessly with the Shore Prop 400s that were installed in a raking position. 

Instead of drilling the props directly into the ground, which we didn’t know the condition of or what services might be underneath, we decided to utilise our Engineered Blocks, which provided 2 tonnes of counterweight. We also created propping towers out of a configuration of Shore Prop 100s and Aluminium Tilt Props. These towers were placed over our 32mm Steel Road Plates to help distribute the load and transverse over service ducts.

We worked together with the client to install the towers and place props around obstructions without having to disconnect or interfere with the facility operations.

Our engineers frequently visited the site to capture and understand the brief and created a solution that was able to accommodate changes and save the client on costs and installation time, allowing the work to the facility to start immediately.

The milling facility with the propping towers installed

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