Needle Beams

Needle beams are temporary beams used in a variety of construction and excavation applications.


This proven, reliable and robust method benefits from Shore Hire’s range of galvanised steel needle beams, which have been reinforced with additional stiffener plates. Steel is by far the preferred material for this application and our reinforced products provide surety where significant load bearing is involved. Shore Hire can supply a range of needle beams in various sizes.


Our needle beams have been used for construction projects including Burraneer.


For more information or personalised advice on needling and other shoring and propping solutions, contact the experienced team at Shore Hire. Our product range is backed by our experienced in-house engineering team that will ensure your next project is underpinned as it should be. 

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Needle Beams can be essential to propping and shoring systems. Needles help to underpin walls and slabs by spreading loads, providing advantages where either restricted access or confined conditions exist or minimal disruption is required. 

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  • Lengths from two to four metres
  • Up to 315mm by 307mm section
  • Available in both universal columns and universal beams


For further information or a custom solution, contact Shore Hire today. 

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The Needle Beams can be delivered standalone or as as part of our comprehensive full-service solution. This includes:

  • Free on-site assessment
  • Engineering design
  • Delivery
  • Installation by our professional rigging team


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Needle Beamsifications

Type Length Height Width Unit Weight Weight Per Metre
150UB18 2m 155mm 75mm 40kg 1kg
150UB18 3m 155mm 75mm 60kg 18kg
200UB22 2m 202mm 133mm 50kg 22kg
200UB22 3m 202mm 133mm 75kg 22kg
150UC30 2m 158mm 153mm 65kg 30kg
150UC30 3m 158mm 153mm 100kg 30kg
150UC37 2m 162mm 154mm 80kg 37kg
150UC37 3m 162mm 154mm 120kg 37kg
200UC52 2m 206mm 204mm 110kg 52kg
200UC52 3m 206mm 204mm 165kg 52kg
310UC118 2m 315mm 307mm 250kg 118kg
310UC118 3m 315mm 307mm 370kg 118kg
310UC118 4m 315mm 307mm 490kg 118kg