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At Shore Hire, our commitment to manufacturing our products here in Australia is deeply rooted in our pursuit of excellence. It transcends mere strategy; it’s a pledge we make to our valued customers to give them the best solution possible in everything we do.

Manufacturing locally allows us to maintain strict quality control standards, support local jobs, bolster Australian manufacturing as a whole, and respond quickly to customer demands without compromising on quality or safety.

Shore Hire has full manufacturing capabilities and works in conjunction with our engineering team to design bespoke solutions. With a team of over 15 based at our Sydney office, Shore Hire’s manufacturing team builds several flag-ship Australian-made products and delivers an excellent standard of work.

Our mission is to provide our customers with the very best solutions for their projects so they can deliver them as safely and efficiently as possible. Manufacturing right here in Australia empowers us to respond promptly to market demands, incorporate the latest industry innovations, and adapt our products to the specific needs of our customers. Creating a wow factor in everything we do is core to our DNA, and our manufacturing strategy is a critical part of how we’re able to service our customers to such a high standard.

We are solution-driven, and if we don’t have a solution off the shelf that suits your product, we’ll custom-build it for you.

A manufacturing team member measuring a panel connector