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We have a dedicated transport team of over 80 vehicles and skilled crane truck operators to make our customers’ projects as streamlined as possible and always deliver the best solution for their requirements. Shore Hire owns and operates a large fleet of transport options, from light vehicles, flatbed trucks, crane trucks, and more, to fulfil site delivery and collection requirements of customers in metro and regional areas across the country.

Trained, experienced, and ticketed and licensed drivers complement our extensive fleet to maintain the highest levels of logistical control and services for our customers.

We also offer a pre-build service, where, if transport conditions permit, Shore Hire will pre-build your products before delivery, so that when the equipment arrives at a customer’s job site, it’s ready to install straight away to save them even more time and money on their project.

If products cannot be pre-built, we allow up to an hour on-site for our crane truck drivers to assist customers in assembling any un-built gear – this gear can be placed in close proximity to the work area using our crane trucks to save our customers valuable manpower and hours on their project.

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