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About Shore Hire

Shore Hire is a trusted Australian supplier of high quality shoring, propping and traffic equipment to the construction sector. We are a one-stop shop providing a comprehensive and innovative product range backed by reliable advice from our experienced staff.

Shore Hire’s outstanding service stands alone in the Australian shoring and propping industry. Our experienced technical sales and engineering teams commit to responsive and personalised service, including onsite consultations. No job is too small or large; from delivering a single product to site at short notice, through to custom engineering solutions and advice throughout the project lifecycle, Shore Hire works hard to ensure our customers’ needs are met.

Shore Hire offers one of Australia’s most complete shoring, propping and traffic product ranges, with high quality equipment and components fit for any construction undertaking.

Contact us today to discuss shoring, propping and traffic control requirements for your next project. 

Shore hire Difference

  • We custom design engineering solutions for you
  • We only use top quality, dependable products
  • We have fast response and delivery timeframes
  • We deliver and install equipment
  • We offer free site inspections
  • Our quotes are final. No hidden fees or nasty surprises

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The Shore Hire engineering department designed a structural steel bracket  mechanically anchored to the concrete wall of the pool to replicate the existing damaged spring support system. The challenge for the team of riggers was that we needed to lift the entire pool at 13 separate lifting points in synchronisation to maintain the integrity of the pool.


Shore Hire supplied the contactor with multiple Acrow props at various lengths to suit the different levels of the concrete beams.

Mount Gravitt

Shore Hire was able to supply the contractor 25mm thick steel road plates to cover the open excavation each evening and allow traffic and pedestrian access across the trenches


Shore Hire delivered to site fully assembled light weight aluminium shoring boxes and unloaded using one of their crane trucks.

Under Pinning

Under pinning is the process of strengthening or stabilising a structure using a range of techniques including beams and piles, props, or mass application of concrete. 

Prop Construction

Construction projects often require complex propping and shoring systems to support slabs and walls. It is therefore critical that custom propping solutions are designed and signed off by qualified engineers and constructed by experienced teams. 

PipeLine Testing

Pipeline testing is the process of testing residential, commercial or industrial piping systems either during pre-commissioning, to test flow or to detect problems such as leaks. 

Excavation Shoring

Excavation shoring is used to support the walls of trench excavations and open excavations during various construction and maintenance projects. 

Pipe Line Testing
Pipe Line Testing Equipment
Shore Hire has a full range of pipeline testing equipment available for use during the installation and repair of residential or commercial piping.
Timber Shoring
Timber Shoring
Timber shoring is an older technology yet still highly useful in certain situations where cross services within an excavation prohibit the use of any other shoring method.
Trench Shoring Jacks
Trench Jacks
Trench jacks are used as cross supports in conjunction with timber shoring and sit on top of timber walers that run horizontally along a trench. Shore Hire has trench jacks at sizes H0 through to H4 available.
Aluminium Waler Systems
Aluminium Waler Systems
Shore Hire waler systems are ideal when excavating in less stable soils that require close or intermittent timber runners or trench sheeting.
Engineering Services
Engineering Services
Shore Hire has an in-house engineering capability that provides comprehensive propping and shoring system design, which complements our hire and sales service.
Rigging and Erection
Rigging and Erection
Shore Hire’s commitment to comprehensive propping and shoring solutions includes a complete rigging solution for structural steel and precast works, implemented by our qualified rigging teams.
Transporting Shoring Equipment
Shore Hire offers a site transport capability that will ensure reliable delivery and removal of propping, shoring and traffic management equipment for your next project.
Trench Boxes
Equipment Sales
In addition to an extensive shoring and propping hire range Shore Hire offers a range of specialised shoring, propping and traffic equipment for sale.